Welcome to Starlino Electronics project. I started this project as a spin-off of my main IT related business. One quiet summer evening in 2007 it just hit me that we first had mainframe computers, then we had personal computers and it was a boom, then we had handheld devices (the most personal type of computers) and it was a boom again. So what is the next thing ? Well we had industrial robots so time has come for personal robotics. That's when I decided to escape the virtual world of computer programming and connect to the the physical world. Electronics have  helped me to do just that.  It turned out to be an exciting and mind-opening journey …

This site is first of all a log of my studies, it helps me and hopefully will help others to advance and create new exciting things. I believe in sharing knowledge, this really helps society evolve as a whole, but I also think that people should be rewarded for their work, this is why Starlino Electronics is also an emerging business, with the main goal to design and market unique devices and gadgets.

Sergiu Baluta,
founder of The Starlino Electronics project