Adafruit has a nice tutorial on how to build a neat testing jig that allows you to test a breakout board without having to actually solder the header.

So I decided to build one for  the the acc_gyro boards. But how do you hold the board in place ? Using screws is secure but takes long time to put a board in and out. I needed a faster way to test a larger amount of boards.

Well after several experimentations with velcro tape, rubber bands , and even custom fitted clamps made out of polymorth , I arrived at this simple solution, just use some headers with extra long leads , the pictures tell it all:

The board is basically held by the plastic parts of 2 long headers. You simply spread them apart, insert the board and then , when they come back together they hold the board in place by the spring action of the pogo pins that pushes the board up.

To remove the board simply spread the headers again and the board pops up …

Hope the method could be useful to someone , so decided to share.