To all my fans, readers and supporters … I just wanted to share a new exciting project to which I dedicated my last few months of work. This project summarizes and is in a way the culmination of all my IMU research that I’ve done in the past few years. The idea of the project is simple, yet no one produced to date a comparable product that would be flexible and open enough to allow developers to build apps on top of it. Inside Coach is a smart ball technology that incorporates a IMU unit and processor as well as a wireless transceiver. The ball connects to your smart phone or device or computer. On the app side we’re developing a way for people to track their progress and share it with friends. In the first phase Inside Coach will be used by pro players and we’ll record data of certain type of ball kicks. In next stage this data will be fed into an expert system which will be able to analyze it and helped by a machine learning system become your personal coach inside your pocket. We don’t claim this will replace your real coach, don’t fire him yet ! However it will help you or even your real coach to understand better the physics behind a good kick and a bad kick and ultimately achieve repeatability while learning a sport. The philosophy behind this is that  anyone  can score a goal by chance, to become a pro player however you need to understand the factors that lead to it or the factors that make you fail. Yes, some people just have it in their blood, but even those people train and perfect their moves. As any pro player will tell you – talent alone is not enough!  Sometimes you’re so close but still  you’re missing something … but what ? Inside Coach will be able to answer those questions and help you succeed by providing you real time advices from our expert system  via a Bluetooth headset – like “Try more spin” , “Try less speed”, “Mind the 5mph sideways wind”. To some people sports is an art, to some it is magic, and don’t get me wrong – we want to keep all that! We hope that Inside Coach will bring the ball based sports (football, baseball, soccer , volleyball , hand ball , tennis , etc) to the next level. Inside Coach  is where technology meets sports and makes learning and perfecting a sport fun once again !  

Current prototype. All of our pieces put together.

At the time of this post we developed a workable prototype and a basic app used to stream data that is transferred wirelessly from the sensor to your device. However to turn this into  a manufacturable product and do more work on the app we need your support! Rather than seek private capital we decided to go the way of KickStarter and connect directly to people that will be using the product and are as much as we are excited by the technology that this product will bring along its path. This is because we want the development of this product to be dictated by YOU an not by some random banker that has no other interest than gaining money.

If you would like to find more about our journey and support us I invite you to visit the Inside Coach KickStarter page.

Thank you !