Probotix X90 CNC – Cutting Servo Mounts in Sintra PVC Foam Board



This is the first cut of my Probotix X90 CNC. Absolutely amazing!

I am using the EMC2 Linux CNC installed on an old computer installed using their Live/Bootable CD.

The model was created in Sketchup 2013 then exported to STL using this plugin :

Then I used MeshCAM 5 to convert the STL to GCODE file.

As a cutter I used a 1/16 4 flute carbide bit normally used for PCBs – the only one that I had available, but specialized 2 flute cutters should work better – I might try that. You’ll see this bit creates a lot of burring so parts needed cleanup.

The bit is mounted in my trusty Dewalt DWP611 router :

I am using a 1/4 to 1/8 collect adapter since the DWP611 comes with only 1/4 adapter.

It gives me good run-off of max 2-5mil which is ok for my application.

However ultra-precise collets can be found here:!!!Dewalt_611!!!Kit!!!PG!!!

They claim a runout of ~  0.4 mil

Here is the final result, I simply glued 2 parts together to make them thicker. You’ll see that this is a servo mount for 9g Hitec servo on 13x13mm aluminum tubing that I got from HobbyKing



Hope this helps. Happy CNC-ing !


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