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Motion Gamepad is a fun project that allows you to play a PC video game using tilting motion gestures.

By tilting the device forward/backward or left/right you control the X and Y axis of the video game input. Motion Gamepad is detected as a standard Gamepad Controller and no drivers are required for Windows XP and up. Here are some video demos:

(Please note the device on the video is an early prototype.)

Motion Gamepad features up to 8 push buttons that can be mounted directly on PCB or can be mounted on a custom enclosure that you can build on your own. The PCB has been designed to friction-fit in a Wii wheel accessory, however you may choose to create your own enclosure or mounting method (why not put it on a helmet or on one of your arms or legs … ).

The kit includes all electronics you need to get started. Firmware updates will be available as necessary and can be uploaded to the device using the USB port and your computer. A free software utility is provided for adjusting settings such as sensibility per axis, default device orientation and buttons mapping.

Because Motion Gamepad is so easy to interface it can also be used for scientific or research projects. Sample source code is available.


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