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This is a simple yet efficient single-axis gyroscope that can be used in projects like self-balancing robots, quadcopter, helicopter stabilization.

Just apply 3.3V between pins 3V3 and GND and the GZ4 pin will output a voltage proportional to the rate of rotation. The conversion is 2mV for each degree/second and the nominal offset is 1.23V.

This gyroscope has on-board analog drift and noise filters that gives it a great stability in a wide range of applications.

Gyroscope Module Specs:

Range: +/- 500deg/sec

Sensitivity: 2 mV/Deg/sec

Zero-rate level: 1.23V

High pass-filter (drift compensation): 0.16Hz

Low pass-filter (noise reduction): 160Hz


LY550ALH datasheet

Schematic (gyro_yaw)

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